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Questions and answers:

Q: What is BlackSilk and how does it work?

BlackSilk is an innovative imaging tool for black/white conversion,

BlackSilk's intuitive features are self-explanatory. Just take a look.

Q: What platforms is BlackSilk available for?

Windows 8 (64bit) and above, Standalone/Photoshop

Mac, OSX 10.8 (64bit) and above, Standalone/Photoshop

Linux (64bit), Standalone (experimental)

BlackSilk is commercially available for Mac: iTunes

Your free BlackSilk download is available on our website.

Q: Where can I find the application log?

Application Menu -> 'Help' -> 'View Log File' opens a new browser window containing the current application log.

If you encounter a bug or performance issue, the application log will help us to find a solution.


For further questions, please open a new thread. You need to register a forum account to do so.

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